Just enough sharing.

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Are you oversharing?

Patchr is a social sharing app designed for people who want just enough sharing. Some social sharing apps can overshare making it hard to tell if messages and photos are shared with just the right people. Available for iPhone and iPad, Patchr stops oversharing by using private invitations that let you control who can see messages and how they can participate:

  • Invite the right people using invitations.
  • Invite people as readers to share without adding chatter. Readers can browse messages and add reactions and comments.
  • Invite people as contributors and they can post new messages to the channel. They can also edit and delete their messages.

Share events, topics or just life using a Patchr channel

Patchr has brilliant sharing features: photo search and editing, reactions, comments, realtime notifications, offline posting plus much more.

Invite people from your contacts and we handle the rest! We email them an invitation, help them install Patchr and gently launch them into your amazing channel.